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Products Home Page

Spreading Machines

Spreading Machines Home Page

Utica Tubular Spreading System
Utica Adjustable Crease Changer Spreader
Utica Crease Changer Attachment

Slitting Machines

Slitting Machines Home Page

Utica Standard Strip Cutting Machine
Utica Heavy Duty Strip Cutting Machine
Utica Super Heavy Duty Strip Cutting Machine
Utica Combination Cutting & Winding Machine
Utica Heavy Duty Combination Cutting & Winding Machine
Utica Side Slitting & Re-Rolling Machine
Utica Cloth Winding Machine

D60000 Series Automatic Single Knife Strip Cutter

Bias Machines

Bias Machines Home Page

Utica Bias System
Utica Bias Collarett Cutter
Utica Collarette Cutter with Roll Attachment
Cloth WInding Machine
Bias Sewing Unit
Bias CUtting Unit

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines Home Page

Tape Calendar Machine
Utica Three Roll Calendar Machine
Cloth Inspection Machine
Cloth Cradle
Cuff Cutting & Turning Machine

Custom Machining Services
Custom Machining services Home Page

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