Utica Tubular Spreading Machine



From the company that has been designing & building quality textile machinery since 1903 comes a machine that is the industry standard for spreading tubular material. This rugged machine has been designed and built using our company philosophy that simplicity makes sense, because it works better and costs less.

The system consists of 3 parts, a Utica Tubular Spreading Machine, a Utica Crease Changer Attachment and a Utica Adjustable Crease Changer Spreader.

The Utica Tubular Lay-up Machine illustrated to the left, comes with a full range of standard & optional features that will get the job done with fewer problems and at a very competitive price.

Completely manufactured in the USA, the Utica machines have set the standard for affordable, and reliable, textile machinery.

The Hand Lay-up machine will take tubular material from either a Roll or Flat Folds and spread it onto a table for cutting. You can spread several times the amount of cloth that you can spread by hand and it does not require an Expert to operate the machine.

The cloth is held open by an adjustable spreader that goes inside the material to guide and hold the edges even. Stops on the table keep the ends uniform, thus eliminating waste. The cloth is fed on the table by adjustable feed rolls. The rolls are driven by a Gear Track that runs the length of the table. This provides for a tensionless spread eliminating stretch and providing uniform garments. The feed rolls can be adjusted from light to heavy weight materials.

An Electric Power Drive Option will drive the machine on the table by means of a thumbswitch. This option will take the work out of the job to insure that the same production speed is held from beginning thru the end of the day. The operator must stay with the machine as it travels. If the switch is released the machine will stop.

Standard Widths:
  26" • 32" • 38" • 44" (custom sizes available)
  Maximum Spreading Height: 10"
  Material Forms: Rolls or Forms
  Feed Type: Variable Belt
  Track Stops: 1 Set
  Gear Track: 12' Sections (Required)
  Ball Bearing Spreaders: Required for Straight Spreading
  Inspection Light: Optional
  Electric Power Drive: Optional
  Crease Changer Attachment: Optional
  Crease Changer Spreaders: Optional
  Edge Slitters: Optional
  Gear Feed to Rolls: Optional

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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