For Folding and Pressing Bindings to Exact Dimensions

Collar Bindings, Flat Folds, Bellows, Pants, Curtains and Special Bindings


  • Produces beautifully finished crease in fold if desired
  • Several rolls of stripping can be run through simultaneously
  • Rerolls stripping on mandrel for easy removal
  • 6" Maximum total finished width of stripping
  • Thermostat controlled electrically heated roll
  • Electric heat supplied by cord and plug to 110V or 220V supply
  • Equipped with Veeder Root Yardage Counter
  • Is sturdily built with accessible easy lubricators
  • Operated by regular individual clutch motor and stand


  • Folders furnished to submitted samples of bindings Clutch motor and stand furnished
  • When ordering Utica Tape Calender specify heating current as 110 or 220 Volt
  • For Clutch Motor and Stand specify motor Voltage, Phase and Frequency

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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