Utica Mill Specialty presents a line of strip cutters that have been designed and built to meet the ever-increasing needs of today's converting shops - both now and long into the future. The D60000 series is the culmination of extensive design and testing aimed at making a very dependable machine. By taking the best features of our successful manual line of strip cutters and adding a host of new features, we provide a machine that is at a new level for reliability, ease of operation and productivity.

The D60000 series can cut rolls of different lengths and diameters in a great variety of materials. Ease of operation has been a priority throughout the design process. The rolls to be cut are locked from the inside of the tube as well as the outside of the material roll. Once loaded, the operator enters the number of cuts, width of cut and feed rate. After aligning the knife for the first trim cut the machine will complete the programmed sequence. Positioning is achieved by servo-motors providing accurate high speed movement.


Standard Specifications:        

Maximum Roll Length  

Knife Diameter  

:Maximum Roll Diameter  

Cloth Roll Shaft Diameter  

Knife Sharpener  
High Speed Sharpener With 4 Way
Adjustment. Rear Hone.

Electrical Requirements  
220 Volt - 3 Phase - 60 Cycle

Variable Knife Speed  
60 - 175 RPM

Variable Roll Speed  
120 - 345 RPM

Rapid Traverse Speed  
200 IPM

Cut Speed Range  
1 - 150 IPM

Machine Dimensions  
135" Long , 44" Wide , 57" High

Machine Weight  
2000 Pounds

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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