With 15 inch Diameter Knife

From the company that has been designing and manufacturing quality textile machinery since 1903 comes a machine that will pay for itself over and over. This rugged machine. completely manufactured in the USA, has been proven to give years of easy cost-effective operation.

Cut your own material on as-needed basis, along with the capability to produce in advance when future needs are anticipated. The timing is yours - not an outside contractor's! Save on transportation from vendors' and reduce all associated costs by manufacturing in house. Even elevate quality and appearance, since tapes can be fabricated from the same material as the garments for which they are intended.

Other Features of Machine
Rear View: Showing massive knife drive support arm, knife grinder, heavy 2"
diameter slide bars.

View of Automatic Spacing Attachment
for continuous accurate cutting.
Easily and quickly adjusted from one
width to another.
Available as an option.


Standard Specifications:
  Machine Sizes: 45" • 55" •65" • 75' (Maximum Operating Width)
  Knife Diameter: 15" (18" Optional)
  Maximum Roll Size: 12" Diameter
  Maximum Cut Width: 18" Standard (Wider Optional)
  Cloth Roll Shaft Size: 1" • 1-1/4" • 1-1/2" (Other sizes optional)
  Electrical Requirements: 220 volt / 3 phase 10 AMP (Other voltages optional)
  Knife Grinder: High Speed Sharpener with 4-way adjustment for a clean sharp edge. Rear Hone for burr removal.
  Automatic Spacer: Optional
  Variable Speed: Optional

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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