The Right Angle... The Right Cut

The Utica Bias System processes the stitched tube of material for cutting at the desired angle. It then neatly rerolls it onto a paper core.


  • Easily adapts to cut on a 38" to 52" angle bias.
  • Blower unit keeps tube open to prevent gathering.
  • High speed knife cuts clean, straight edges.
  • Yardage counter gauges bias material.
  • Variable tension control on material as it rolled.
  • Optional, variable speed driver available.
Standard Specifications:
  Electrical Requirements: 220 volt / 3 Phase 15 Amp
  Floor Space Required: 120" x 240"
  Maximum Height: 64"
  Bias Angle Range 38 - 52 Degree
  Production 20 Yards Per Minute (Actual yield will be determined by material size and bias angle.)
  Re-Roll Shaft : 1" • 1-1/4" • 1-1/2"

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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