There's no need to contract for bias material when you can make your own simply and affordably. This easily operated unit performs the sewing function in a simultaneous process, sewing straight material into one continuous tubular piece. The seam is ironed flat, and excess material is trimmed. It then rerolls the material for the next manufacturing procedure.


  • Accommodates rolls of material 30" to 72" in width.
  • Features a stitch counter that eliminates the possibility of running out of bobbin thread.
  • Comes with a thread break detector which shuts off the machine to prevent gaps in stitching to save material and minimize downtime.
  • Easily adjusts to various stitch lengths for any application.
  • Vacuums waste material as is trimmed away.
Standard Specifications:
  Electrical Requirements: 220 volt/3 Phase 5 Amp
  Air Requirements: 60 PSI
  Floor Space Required: 120" x 192"
  Maximum Height: 84"
  Max./Min. Cloth Sizes: 72" / 30"
  Max. Feed Roll Diameter: 15"
  Variable Stitch Length: 8 - 1 8 / Inch
  Maximum RPM: 3,000
  Bobbin Stitch Counter: Standard
  Waste Removal Vacuum: Standard

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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