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1 Utica Bias Sewing Unit

There's no need to contract for bias material when you can make your own simply and affordably. This easily operated unit performs the sewing function in a simultaneous process, sewing straight material into one continuous tubular piece. The seam is ironed flat, and excess material is trimmed. It then rerolls the material for the next manufacturing procedure.



  • Accommodates rolls of material 30" to 72" in width.
  • Features a stitch counter that eliminates the possibility of running out of bobbin thread.
  • Comes with a thread break detector which shuts off the machine to prevent gaps in stitching to save material and minimize downtime.
  • Easily adjusts to various stitch lengths for any application.
  • Vacuums waste material as is trimmed away.

Utica Bias Sewing Unit

2 The Right Angle... The Right Cut

The Utica Bias System processes the stitched tube of material for cutting at the desired angle. It then neatly rerolls it onto a paper core.

  • Easily adapts to cut on a 38" to 52" angle bias.
  • Blower unit keeps tube open to prevent gathering.
  • High speed knife cuts clean, straight edges.
  • Yardage counter gauges bias material.
  • Variable tension control on material as it it rolled.
  • Optional, variable speed driver available.

3 Utica Strip Cutting Unit

The cutting unit cuts the roll of bias material into the desired width of strips.

This efficient unit:

  • Is equipped with a 12" diameter knife that will cut up to an 8-1/2" diameter roll.
  • Offers adjustable grinder settings to sharpen the cutting knife to maintain proper edge.
  • Cuts accurate rolls by means of a measuring scale (with automatic spacing attachment optional).
  • Includes various cutter shaft options of: 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2".
  • Is available as a combination machine with a rewind attachment to permit straight rerolling of materials.
  • Is available with a variable speed attachment as an option.
  • Easily adjusts for strips up to 18" wide.

Maintain Inventory Control With
No Dependence On Outside Delivery Dates...

A System That Will Pay For itself. From the company that has been designing and manufacturing quality textile machinery since 1903 comes the Utica Bias System. This rugged equipment, completely manufactured in the USA, is easy and cost-effective to operate.

Make bias on an as-needed basis, along with the capability to produce it in advance when future needs are anticipated. The timing is yours-not an outside contractor's! Save on transportation from vendorsŐ and reduce all associated costs by manufacturing in house. Even elevate quality and appearance, since bias can be fabricated from the same material as the garments for which it is intended.



Unit 1: Sewing Unit
Standard Specifications:
Electrical Requirements:   220 volt /
3 Phase 5 Amp

Air Requirements:   60 PSI

Floor Space Required:   120" x 192"

Maximum Height:   84"

Max./Min. Cloth Sizes   72" / 30"

Max. Feed Roll Diameter:   15"

Variable Stitch Length   8 - 1 8 / Inch

Maximum RPM   3,000

Bobbin Stitch Counter   Standard

Waste Removal Vacuum   Standard

Unit 2: Bias Cutting Unit
Standard Specifications:
Electrical Requirements:   220 volt /
3 Phase 15 Amp

Floor Space Required:   120" x 240"

Maximum Height:   64"

Bias Angle Range   38 - 52 Degree

Production   20 Yards Per Minute (Actual yield will be determined by material size and bias angle.)
Re-Roll Shaft :   1" • 1-1/4" • 1-1/2"

Unit 3: Strip Cutting Unit
Standard Specifications:
Electrical Requirements:  

220 volt/
3 Phase 10 Amp

Knife Size   12" (15" Available)

Maximum Roll Diameter   8-1/2"
(12" Diameter
with 15" Knife)

Cutter Shaft Sizes   1" • 1 -1/4" • 1-1/2"

Maximum Cut Width:   18" Standard
(Wider Optional)
Automatic Spacer:   Optional

Variable Speed:   Optional

--Specifications subject to change without notice--


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